We are all creative beings, whether a doctor creating wellness, an investor creating money, or a politician creating function for a diverse society.  Even when something is torn down, this creates space for something new.  Creativity is the connecting force in the universe.  Art's creative spark is intense, spontaneous, and emotional.  Art can inspire, enlighten and confront.  

For me to keep that creative spark burning in my art I find inspiration in all areas of life:  Science, human and animal affairs, the environment, and yes, even funny video.  My visual art reveals universal dreams and yearnings of the conscious and subconscious.  In my art see an aspect of yourself revealed, for we are all interconnected.  I hope my art touches your heart, mind and spirit and that you are inspired and enlighten in your own creative life.  

Please sign up and you'll receive posting about new art pieces and postings on my blog.   Also check out my Facebook page (link below) for what is inspiring me in the world and in my art.   If you want to purchase a piece of art for daily inspiration, to give as a gift or to commission a new piece of art, please contact me directly.  Be inspired!  Create! 

Love, Barbara

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