For original portrait pricing of watercolor or oil pastel on paper I charge $5.00 a square inch.  The following are standard frame sizing that you can buy at your local Aaron Brother's, Michael's or any Art Supply store.  This can help with the cost of your art as framing can be very expensive.  With watercolor and oil pastel the art will need to sit away from the glass so a mat is required to go between the art and the glass.  Watercolor and oil pastel should also be protected from the elements of sun, moisture, and heat so think about where you want to hang your art once you receive it. 

5 X 7 inches      $175.00

8 X 10 inches     $400.00

11 X 14 inches     $770.00

12 X 16 inches    $960.00

16 X 20 inches   $1,600.00

18 X 24 inches    $2,160.00

If you are interested in a original pet portrait please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.